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1. These rules are called the ‘Rules for grant of Research Assistance’ in technological aspects in Disability Studies.

2. Under these rules financial assistance will be granted to the investigators (any person with disability* (minimum a graduate in Science /Diploma holder in Engineering) with an innovative idea and/or a faculty who is working in an Engineering College / Medical College / polytechnic college / other colleges in Kerala) for conducting research projects related to technological aspects in Disability Studies. (*As per the PWD ACT, ‘Person with Disability’ means a person suffering from not less than 40% of any disability as certified by a medical authority. Generally, candidates who have a minimum of 40% disability alone will be eligible to apply for this quota.  Hence candidates seeking  financial assistance will have to satisfy the eligibility criteria prescribed by the concerned regulatory bodies for ‘Persons with Disabilities’. No certificate other than the mentioned above will be considered for determining disability) .

*Persons with different types of disabilities like

1. Blindness
2. Low vision
3. Leprosy-cured
4. Hearing impairment
5. Loco-motor disability
6. Mental illness

3. Financial assistance may be limited to specific items of expenditure or to cover a part of the expenditure on the whole function.

4. Funding Norms

a. The  maximum  eligible funding  for a project is limited to  Rs.2,00,000/-.

b. Subject to availability of funds, proposals for financial assistance will be screened and approved by the RAC, which will subsequently be sanctioned by the Director, CeDS.

c. The investigators shall make a presentation of the outcome of the research before the RAC constituted for the purpose.

d. Financial assistance will be released to the investigator through the Principal  of the concerned institution) in three installments.(40% of the sanctioned amount – at the start of the project, 30%- after the first review, 30%-after second review).

e. The progress report and utilization of funds shall be reported every six months.

f. The final report, statement of expenditure and utilization certificate shall be submitted after successful completion of the project.

g. The whole or part of the granted money remaining unutilized within the prescribed time limit should be refunded to CeDS by remitting back the balance amount.

h. Utilization certificate and Statement of expenditure (two copies) shall be furnished to The Director, CeDS within three months from the last day of the programme. The accounts should be audited by the accounts officer of the institution/Chartered Accountant.

i. The CeDS reserves the right to order verification/audit of accounts by any officer authorized by it and is open to audit by Accountant General. The accounts shall be kept safely for a minimum period of three years.

j. The recipient and the institution  shall comply, with such other conditions as may be suggested in the ‘guidelines’ issued in this regard from time to time.

k. If commercial benefits are derived from the knowledge generated from the projects, 50% of such gains shall be shared with CeDS subject to a maximum of the amount sanctioned by CeDS.

5. If the Investigator who is involved in the project leaves the institution(transfer, retirement, change of job etc.), the  project may be transferred to another investigator to complete the project.

6. The sanction of research assistance under this scheme do not automatically entail any right to the investigators for further claims of funding from CeDS.

7. The equipment purchased for the project and products developed will be the property of CeDS and on completion of the project shall be transferred to CeDS.