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Counselling – Reaching out our hand to you


Saturday  free Counselling sessions

Every Saturday , free counselling is rendered to disabled children and their

parents at the Centre. and based on their needs, workshops and group



counseling sessions are organized. Counseling empanelled are;

  • Personal counselling
  • Educational Counselling
  • Career Counselling
  • Diet Counselling (Nutrition)

An interdisciplinary team of  experts collaborate with the family of a child with special needs regarding:

  • School issues
  • Life transition issues
  • Access to needed services
  • Linkages to other medical professionals
  • Recommendations for other needed evaluations
  • Behaviour Issues

Counselling process spans for minimum of six sessions . Opening session is to discuss the issue and organize the information followed by planning the counseling strategy . Assessments and counselling processes will be dealt by experts. Regular follow up is carried out during the process and feedback is recorded.

1 Personal counselling
2 Educational Counselling
3 Career Counselling
4 Nutrition Counselling
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